12 February 2016

How Norwegians Died--Interpreted

Martin Roe Eidhammer is a native Norwegian who has come up with an intriguing and helpful list for genealogy-minded folks who are trying to make sense out of Norwegian church records.  In his recent blog post, Norwegian Causes of Death, he has created a list of terms used in times-gone-by, and interpreted them in English.  As both genealogist and registered nurse, he figured that this list was just the type of thing he could do to help the rest of us pursue our genealogy goals.  The causes of death described include somewhat recognizable terms such as "falt" (death by falling from an elevated position), and "kramper" (convulsions), but there are many terms most of us would not otherwise have a clue about.  So, if your third great grandpa died from "alderdomssvaghet," you can now check out Martin's list to find out exactly what that means.

Many thanks to Martin for providing this information.  You can visit the main page of his blog at:  Norwegian Genealogy and then some.

Chery Kinnick


Barbara Holz Sullivan said...

Chery: His blog is a great resource. Thank you for posting this.


Melyssa said...

Thank you so much for posting this!