29 December 2008

Olaf Kringhaug Passes Away

Olaf Kringhaug recently passed away. He is credited with translating Normaendene i Amerika, volume 1, by Martin Ulvestad, 1907, from the old Norsk to English and then making it available online. He was truly one of the 'heroes' of Norwegian-American genealogical and historical research. He lived in Vernon, British Columbia, but he did a lot for us here in the United States by virtue of his research. He was an incredible man and a great loss.

Olaf Kringhaug
March 4, 1928 - December 7, 2008

Obituary excerpt:

Olaf was born in Hommelvik, Malvik Sor Trondelag, Norway and moved to Canada at the age of four. Olaf graduated from UBC in 1954 as an MD. After graduation, Olaf interned at Vancouver General Hospital before starting his practise. He spent his life taking care of people as a general physician in Vancouver, New Denver and Nakusp. Upon retirement, he continued helping people by pursuing his passion for history and genealogy. He became a translator for what was known as the "Trondelag List." One of his last big achievements was the translation of Normaendene i Amerika, volume 1 by Martin Ulvestad 1907.


Luci Baker Johnson

08 December 2008

PNW Historians Guild Presentations

Nearby Norwegians Presents!

Several Nearby Norwegian members are scheduled to present at the 24th annual conference of the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild, to be held on March 7, 2009 at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry. Next year's conference will focus on the centennial of the 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, held on the early University of Washington campus.

Among many interesting 15-minute presentations scheduled for the conference,

Luci Baker Johnson will offer an overview of topics concerning Norwegians and the AYPE, complete with a Power Point presentation and a film clip from "Norway Day" in 1909.

Cathy Lykes plans to present some of her in-depth research on "Health, Medicine, and the AYPE," including details about Seattle's concerns for public health, the operation of a hospital at the fair, and typical complaints of fair-goers, such as, the mysterious "AYPE headache."

Barbara Holz Sullivan is developing a presentation and paper on Finn Haakon Frolich, the Norwegian sculptor of "The Spirit of the Pacific," the busts of Edvard Grieg and James J. Hill, and the figurehead model for the Viking ship for Norway Day, all unveiled at the AYPE.

See you in March!

Chery Kinnick

02 December 2008

Scandinavians and the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition

Next year marks the centennial of the grand Alaska Yukon Pacific Expostion (AYPE) held on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. As one of many events and projects planned for a wide-ranging commemoration, the Nordic Heritage Mueum will arrange a related exhibit, which is scheduled to run from June 12 - September 6, 2009. The exhibit will explore the Nordic people's involvement with the AYPE, which was attended by more than 3.7 million people in 1909.

Read more:

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Centennial

Scandinavian Connection to AYPE

27 November 2008

Got Nordic Heritage?

We're the Nearby Norwegians...

and we do!


We are Luci Baker Johnson, Chery Kinnick, Cathy Lykes, Carolyn Merritt and Barbara Holz Sullivan, members of a small writing/research group with a big interest in Norwegian-American culture and many plans for the future.

We met each other while attending the Nearby History writer's seminar hosted by the Museum of History and Industry, and the Genealogy and Family History Certificate Program at the University of Washington. We each have a dedication to research and writing, and so, we formed a small, intimate group to continue collaborating and working toward individual and collective goals beyond the scope of the above programs.

We are fortunate enough to live in or near Seattle, Washington, USA, where many libraries and research facilities are available, including a wealth of Norwegian cultural resources in and around the old Scandinavian community of Ballard. Let us share with you as we begin a journey toward creative self-fulfillment in research, writing, and publishing, and embark on a mission to aid and educate, and in particular, to help preserve, promote, and celebrate the unique family heritage and genealogical histories of Norwegian-Americans.

Leif Erikson International Foundation


"Got Nordic Heritage?" Message Board Outside the Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle.
Photograph. November 2008. Privately held by Chery Kinnick, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. 2008.