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During the summer and early autumn of 1909, Seattle sponsored Washington State's first World's Fair on the current site of the University of Washington campus.  The fair was called the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (AYPE), and it celebrated twelve years of local prosperity following the 1897 Alaska Gold Rush.   Many days at the fair had special themes that honored ethnic communities, organizations, or professions.  As a nod to the area's large Norwegian-American population, "Norway Day" was held on August 30.  From Poulsbo, Washington on the Kitsap Pennisula, twelve community-minded men were selected to serve as a contingent to represent 5th century Vikings at the fair.

Lead Article:

Poulsbo Vikings at the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, 1909 (posted 8/31/2012)

Here are the twelve men who served as AYPE Vikings:

Viking #1:  Stener Thorsen (posted 6/4/2016)
Viking #2:  Peter Iverson (posted 9/17/2015)
Viking #3:  George Teien
Viking #4:  Nels Sonju (posted 1/31/2013)
Viking #5:  Carl Breivig
Viking #6:  Halvor Holte (posted 6/4/2016)
Viking #7:  Christian Garthe
Viking #8:  John Twedt  (posted 6/4/2016)
Viking #9:  Chris Lakeness
Viking #10: Tenander Iversen (posted 2/4/2018)
Viking #11: Ole Hansen
Viking #12: Ole Ellefson Espelund

Chery Kinnick

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