Nearby Norwegians (in the beginning), Fall 2008.

Barbara Holz Sullivan and Luci Baker Johnson present "Scandinavians at the AYPE," at the Pacific Northwest Historian's Guild Conference in 2009.  Cathy Lykes also presented a piece called, "Health and Medicine and the AYPE."

Nearby Norwegians at "Nearby History Presents" on January 14, 2009, along with their seminar instructor, Dr. Lorraine McConahgy, lead historian at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry.  Left to right:  Lorraine McConaghy, Luci Baker Johnson, Chery Kinnick, Cathy Lykes, Barbara Holz Sullivan, and Carolyn Merritt.

Nearby Norwegians at the Ballard Nordic Heritage Museum during Yulefest, November 19, 2012.  Left to right:  Luci, Barbara, Carolyn, Chery, and Cathy.

Luci, Barbara, Carolyn, and Cathy in the Kaffestua area at Yulefest, Nordic Heritage Museum, November 2013.

Nearby Norwegians in their Nordic sweaters, with Santa!  Yulefest, November 2013.

Carolyn and Barbara (in back), and Luci and Chery (in front), attended Ancestry Day at the Tacoma Convention Center on September 24, 2016.

Most of the Nearby Norwegians appear at yet another Yulefest (Nov. 20, 2016) in Seattle.  Clockwise from upper left:  Carolyn Merritt, Chery Kinnick, Cathy Lykes, and Luci Baker Johnson.

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