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It's our belief that no one can never have to many books.  Especially, local and social history. Over the years we have read several hundred books, congressional reports, journals, diaries, memoirs, history, guidebooks, and much more. The following is an edited list of the books that have been reviewed by either Nearby Norwegians or Martin Roe Eidhammer, a blogger who lives in Norway. He posts a new book every Monday, several of which are read-worthy. Below is a list of the books and links to the reviews. 

Below are guidelines in how to read and navigate the list:
·       The title of the book has a link to one of the following –,,, or the publisher’s website.
·       The date listed, following the author’s name, is a link to the blog review of that particular book.
·       If there is a year listed after the book title, that indicates when it was published.
·       The words contained within the brackets [   ] indicate the type of book; i.e. Social History, Children's, Reference, etc.

If we have overlooked your favorite book, let us know and we'll consider reviewing it and posting it on Nearby Norwegians blog.

#1  Book Reviews: NEARBY NORWEGIANS Blog

The Raven (2016)
     by Nordic Noir & Author, Vidar Sundstøl - November 26, 2017

Norsk, Lapp, and Finn, or Travel -Tracings From the Far North of Europe. - Tongue-in-Cheek Travel: 19th Century Norwegians 
      by Frank Vincent Jr. – May 9, 2013

      by Moritz Nachtstern [Book Review]August 29, 2012

      by Vendela Vida – January 10, 2018

      by Ellen Marie Jensen – January 29, 2013

The Mountains Wait  [Book Review] 
      by Theodor Broch August 13, 2012

Shadow of the Gestapo 
      by Astrid Karlsen Scott by Astrid Karlsen Scott – February 12, 2010

      by Knute Burger, a Seattleite With Norwegian Roots Writes About Seattle: Now, Then, and in the Future – February 22, 2009

Johan Thuri: An Account of the Sami by Translated and Edited 
      by Thomas A. DuBois February 4, 2013


Martin is a Norwegian, living in Norway with his wife Lise and three young adults. He grew up in Vestnes in Romsdal (Møre og Romsdal county) and currently lives in Skjevik, east of the town Molde. Martin is a blogger, one that is followed by Nearby Norwegians. On his blog he has a category title Books on Monday. Each Monday he posts a book review. Below are a few of the books he has reviewed.

by Knut Hamsun [FICTION]– September 25, 2017

Norwegian Folktales (The Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library) [FICTION]
by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe – January 9, 2017

by Carole P. Rornan – March 27, 2017 • available on Kindle for free.

by Ann Urness Gesme – July 17, 2017

History of Norway [SOCIAL HISTORY]
by John A. Yilek – June 19, 2017

Stories of Norway [SOCIAL HISTORY]
by John A. Yilek – June 19, 2017

by Eric DregniJuly 17, 2017

Birdie Abercrombie Trail #3
      by Candance Simar – October 17, 2016

by Zempel  – October 3, 2016

by Kirsten Seaver – January 30, 2017

by Kristen Seaver – January 30, 2017

by George Tobias Flom – January 23, 2017

by Kathleen Stokker – November 28, 2016

Norwegian Life [CULTURE & LIFE]
 by Ethlyn T. Clough (published in 1909 and reprinted) March 27, 2017

Norwegian-English Dictionary [REFERENCE BOOK]
by Einar Haugen – March 13, 2017

by Julien S. Bourrelle (author) and Nicholas Lund (illustrator) – October 10, 2016

The Mystery of Nils, part 1 – Norwegian Course for Beginners, Learn Norwegian [REFERENCE BOOK] – February 13, 2017

The Age of the Vikings  [SCHOLARLY WORK]
         by Anders Winroth  --  September 26, 2016

         by William F. Fitzhugh (editor), Elisabeth Ward (editor) – September 26, 2016

         by Linda March – September 5, 2016

by Derek B. Miller  September 5, 2016

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