24 March 2009

Genealogy: Contagions and Collaborations

We'd be the first to admit that the pursuit of genealogy and family history is downright catchy. As Nearby Norwegians, we are usually on the lookout for materials and bits of information that may be helpful to others who are also history-minded (afflicted?).... and that is why our mission statement includes "giving back."

Genealogy does not involve a contest to see who can "bag" the longest list of names or the greatest number of dates. Oh, and it certainly is not meant to be like the seventh grade history class that nearly turned you OFF to any further consideration of history--family-related, or not. Instead, the pursuit of genealogy and family history is an enjoyable detective game where everyone stands to benefit by satisfying collaborations. "You watch mine and I'll watch yours" is the order of the day, since the collection and interpretation of historical facts and artifacts is not easily done alone.

Genealogy is contagious, but seldom fatal

Recently, in the spirit of collaboration, our very own Cathy Lykes was able to help out a dear friend of the Nearby Norwegians, the illustrious and ever-stylish footnoteMaven. "Maven," who is often referred to simply as "fM" because of the fondness she inspires, gave special thanks to Cathy for her sharing spirit... and more, in a recent blog entry.

Cathy is an extremely talented photographer, a great writer, and a wonderful friend. She can be found hanging out with a few of my other real life, geneablogger, Nearby History friends at Nearby Norwegians, a great must read blog.

What did Cathy do that was so appreciated by footnoteMaven?

Who IS footnoteMaven, anyway?

Read her blog entry: Tea With Me, But Who Am I? It will give you a look-see at the reasons behind what genealogists and family historians just do for one another as second nature.

...And thanks for the vote of confidence in the Nearby Norwegians, fM!


Chery Kinnick

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